Ariel FX

Ariel FX is the industry standard. It consists of three parts: Trading Client, Dealer Program & System Admin.Trading Client

  • Secure account access
  • Real time firm quotes
  • Click & deal trading
  • Real time chat
  • The ability to integrate third charts & news
  • Orders management
  • Live margining of client accounts
  • Real time marked to market clients’ open positions
  • Real time intra-day valuation client accounts
  • Ability to link external statements
  • Multiple price page facility

Dealer Program

  • Customisable Control – Dealer control on all deals prior to execution
  • Filter – Filter trades by dealer, trade and book
  • Trades Manual or Auto-fill – Accept, Reject, or Request for Quote
  • Orders Manual or Auto-Accept – Accept or Reject individual orders
  • Click & Deal – Allows automatic dealing within parameters
  • Set Parameters – Set by currenc pair, size or individual client
  • Chat sessions – Dealer or Client initiated Chat 1-to-1
  • Alerts – Alert on New Deal, New Order, New Chat, Price feed failure
  • View Client Accounts
  • Trade History – View by Book, Trade, Client, etc
  • Position Keeper – View P&L by Book and in term currency.
  • Connection Quality – Monitor connection quality with different clients

System Administrator

  • Prices
  • Roll overs
  • Trading Books – manage customers and dealers into books.
  • House Position – View by book.
  • Monitors working orders – Orders redlined for Dealer execution or can be configured for auto-execution by client, market and size.
  • Slippage – Set by client, market and size to make extra pips on stop orders
  • Price History – View or search of historic price data.

Ariel FX in a Box

We’ve taken away the last barrier to offering FX – the price. Now you can rent a turnkey FX system complete with Client, Dealer and Admin for a low monthly fee.

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